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Line Drills


Bulldog Hip Series

6 rep of each:

Fire Hydrants

Hip Circles F/B

Leg Sweeps

Big Ts


Rowing Warm Up:

Warm up for a 2k test should be fairly involved. You want to start the test feeling hot and sweaty by priming your body ahead of time to work. Going into a 2k cold will leave you quite surprised when you’re 750m into the test and the work you’re asking of your body finally hits you.

Row for 6 minutes at a light and easy pace. At 3 points within the 6 minutes, take 20 strokes that build to your goal pace for the day. At the end of each one, back off down to an easy pace.

Take another short rest and then…

Practice 5 – 7 sprint starts that start easy and then build to full pressure on the last one.

Take a 3 – 5-minute break and then start the test.

2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row
Today’s focus is the 2k. Lock in and dig deep.

A strategy for the 2k is that it can be broken down into 3 or 4 parts. You can row it 500/500/500/500 or 500/1000/500.

If you go 4 parts, the first 500 should be :02 under your goal pace, the second 500 should be :02 above your goal pace, and the third 500 is at your goal pace. The final 500 is where it all comes down too. GIVE IT YOUR ALL and EMPTY THE TANK!

If you go the 3 part way its similar. Start with 15 hard and powerful strokes way faster than your pace and settle back to :02 under your goal pace. During the 1000, you will slowly fall back to right at or slightly above your goal pace then drop the hammer on the final 2k and finish like a champion!!

This will be difficult but you got this.


Once you have completed your 2k, it should take you a few minutes to get yourself off the floor. You will then begin to jog some easy 200m runs to help flush the legs. Between each 200, you should foam roll or stretch for two minutes. You will run a total of 5 200s.

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