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Metcon (Time)

3 rounds

300m run

30 DB Snatches

30 Weighted Sit Ups

*Fitness/Performance- 50/35

The Weighted sit ups will be taking a WB from behind head to an overhead position when you sit up. Use an abmat.

Men’s RX: 14-20

Women’s RX:10-14

**there is option of weight here. But, do not sell yourself short. Challenging but doable.

Skill & Strength

4 sets

1A). Front Rack Walking Lunge x20alt steps

*Pick a weight you can go for 20 steps with. 10 steps down, quick drop, bar facing burpee then 10 steps back.

1B). Eccentric Pausing Banded Face Pull x5

*Pull Band to face. Pause :02 then take :05-:08 to return the band to the starting position

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