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Snatch High Pull

Focus on big pull and building in weight. This shoulf feel like a 6RPE snatch. Focus is on speed NOT weight
Emom 5

x2 High pulls

Hang Power Snatch


x2 reps

Be explosive and focus on high catch. It is more about speed than weight here

Squat Snatch


x2 reps

Building here if technique and speed allows.

Not TnG

Accessory Work

5 sets

3-6 Wide Grip Pull Ups

15-20 Banded Face Pull

Rest :30-:60

**pause on banded face pull.

**Wide grip pull ups focus on scrap retraction

Power Snatch Cycling

Touch n Go Reps.

*fast singles are allowed but goal is working TnG
5 sets :30/:30

Score today is your lowest round. Fight and work hard to keep your rounds as close to the first as possible.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5min AMRAP

25 DU (40singles)

10 STO

Performance 115/80


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