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Even thought this workout LOOKS like a heavy BB cycling workout…its really a heavy breathing workout where you cycle a barbell. MAKE SURE YOU ANTICIPATE THAT. Don’t get surprised by the feeling of gasping for air in the middle rounds, expect it, and you’ll be better prepared for it.

Transitions are king AGAIN for this workout — particularly between TTB –> DU and BB –> TTB (anticipate that you’ll probably need to take an extra second before hitting the heavier BB).


Break up TTB early and often – you cannot afford a blow up here.

Only push these in your last round

Dus –

Start each set with a double – no singles to start

2. turn rope faster and stay low

3. place rope on ground

Squat Cleans –

Pull yourself under the bar in early rounds

Heavier bars set your brace at the bottom

Be diligent – stay close to the bar

Overall –

Quick Transitions on each movement Always move back to the ttb quickly – even on heavier rounds. Move from rope to bar quickly on early rounds.


10min Mixed Cyclical (rotate through ergs and jogging)


A. Trunk Stiffness & Hip Prep- 2 sets

(a) McGill Curl-up w/ KB on low-abs – 5 reps ea side w/ 5sec hold (use LIGHT KB, focus on sequence: inhale –> curl-up –> hold –> curl-down –> exhale, maintaining pressure on KB throughout entire sequence)

(b) Squat Position banded pull-down – 5 slow / controlled reps

(c) Banded Glute Activation Protocol – 10 reps ea

-1/4 squat lateral walk

-side-lying leg lift

-glute bridge


B. BB Prep – build to 2nd load from target final load (i.e. if you think you’ll make the 315/205 round then warm-up to the bar before that


2-3 Intervals of The workout **pick a number of TTB that’s doable and work your break up, work your strategy you plan too in the WOD

6-8 or 10-12 TTB

15 or 25 DU

5-6 Cleans @ first weight

2min easy on AB/Row/Ski

6-8 or 10-12 TTB

25 DU

2-4 cleans @ second weight

2min easy on AB

rest then hit the workout!

CrossFit Games Open 16.2 (AMRAP – Reps)

4-Minute AMRAP + Bonus Time of:

25 Toes To Bar

50 Double Unders

Squat Cleans*

*Round 1 – 15 @ 135# / 85#

*Round 2 – 13 @ 185# / 115#

*Round 3 – 11 @ 225# / 145#

*Round 4 – 9 @ 275# / 175#

*Round 5 – 7 @ 315# / 205#

Time extends by 4-minutes when completing a round. If you complete Round 5, your score is the time you finish.
***This year the first sections are combined so you will have 8 minutes to complete round 1&2. From there on, you are awarding 4 minutes for advancing.

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