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Handstand Practice (10min cap)

Level 1

Accumulate 8 Wall Walks and 1-2:00 inversion on wall

Level 2

Accumulate 10 Strict HSPU and 2:00 in a handstand (or wall)

Level 3

Accumulate 10 SHSPU w/deficit and 2:00 in handstand


Clean and Jerk

Find Heavy Double (Not TnG)


Metcon (Time)

500m Sandbag Run

50 Sandbag Squats

30 Sandbag Step Ups

10 Rope Climbs

30 Sandbag Step Ups

50 Sandbag Lunges

500m Sandbag Run

Sandbag Should be 70-100 for males and 50 or less for females.

**Sub for sandbag is weighted run using near the weights prescribed for sandbags.

Scale For RC= 3 Strict Pull Ups per climb

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