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343 (Time)

“343” honoring the 343 firefighters who died on 9/11.

Partner up and partition reps however.

For honor and respect of the fallen:

100 Deadlifts (145#/105#)

100 Power Cleans (95#/65#)

100 Ground to Overhead (65#/35#)

43 Synchro Burpees


2001m row, partitioned however. Partner must hold plates overhead. Men- 2 25#s Women- 2 15#s plates.

Men use a 45# bar, Women use a 35# bar

First plates on the bar are 10#, then 15#, then 25# per side

Strip the outer plate after each lift of 100 reps is completed

“Valor is a gift. Those having it never know for sure whether they have it till the test comes. And those having it in one test never know for sure if they will have it when the next test comes.” ~ Carl Sandburg

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