Our Story


“to positively impact the lives of everyone we come in contact with and to create within our walls, a safe community…”

Of primary importance to us at Gulf Shores CrossFit is to positively impact the lives of everyone we come in contact with and to create within our walls, a safe community where all are welcome and encouraged to constantly stretch and increase the limits they have heretofore placed upon themselves. We believe mental and physical victories achieved in the training area positively extend out to all other areas of our clients’ lives.

Our Mission

Our mission at Gulf Shores CrossFit is to transform lives utilizing a combination of CrossFit’s prescription of constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement with sound nutritional principles, individualized training for each client.

Our Community

GULF SHORES CROSSFIT targets an extremely wide ranged demographic which spans from young children and teens to rehabilitation clients, baby-boomers, soccer moms and elite athletes.

CrossFit is…

Gulf Shores CrossFit is a functional fitness facility. We address multiple facets of fitness including general physical preparedness, nutrition, internal health and mental and spiritual well-being. Working in tandem with Gulf Coast Family Chiropractic, we will encourage our clients to cultivate health from the inside out by focusing on a healthy, properly functioning nervous system. Our athletes have accessibly to a chiropractor and Lifestyle Coach. We believe in keeping our athletes of all ages healthy with optimal muscle and spinal alignment.

How to Join

If you’re new to Gulf Shores CrossFit, the first step is a free chat with our COACH. No pressure; we’re exercise professionals, not salespeople.  We’ll listen.  Then we’ll help chart a path toward the person you’d like to be. That may include personal training or group classes, a food plan and it will almost always include homework.

What to Expect

Most clients will be in the facility 3 to 4 times per week. We always include a food plan for every client; it’s part of your new lifestyle, after all.  We will use tracking software at no additional cost to our clients that will keep them moving in the right direction- interacting with each other and improving in measurable ways.