Our Trainers

Jim Barton | Head Coach


I have been a student of human movement for almost 40 years. A few of my training highlights: Jumping off a ten foot porch railing is bad for your knees;

Falling to the left when your ankle is pinned to the right under a large guy trying to tackle you is bad for your ankle;

Landing on your wrists thousands of times while falling down a mountain on a snowboard is bad for your wrists;

Performing kipping pullups before building the necessary strength to do strict dead hang pullups is bad for wrists, forearms and shoulders;

Trying to win a sparring match by using your head to bash your opponents fists is bad for your head!

The point is that I have been active for a long time and my body has accrued the mileage points to prove it. I was starting to feel the pains and aches of my bodily abuse and was beginning to think I was about ready to go to pasture. That all changed when the owners of Carport CrossFit in Birmingham put my wife and I through a baseline workout in our backyard.

I continue to sharpen the sword through constant pursuit of learning more to be the best possible Coach. Since being introduced to CrossFit, I have become:


  • Level 1 and Level 2 CrossFit Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer through NASM
  • CrossFit Kids Coach
  • CrossFit Mobility Coach
  • CrossFit Gymnastic Coach

Kristi Warshauer | Head Coach

img_0975Kristi Evans Warshauer, Certified Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, experienced NASM Personal Trainer, Advocare Distributor, with a diverse work history including physical rehabilitation, one on one personal training, fitness business development, and group exercise instruction tailored to any fitness level.  Since childhood, I have been intrigued by human movement and embodied health and wellness as a lifestyle.

In 2001 I received my Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences/Pre-Physical Therapy. Then, attended LSU Medical Center, School of Physical Therapy, where I studied physiological, mechanical and psychological human movement.  I found great pleasure in helping people with physical injuries and illnesses, strengthen and stretch their muscles, to regain normal range of motion allowing them to return to their normal daily activities.

In 2010, I discovered CrossFit and was fascinated by the ability to “Measure increased work capacity over time”. I dropped into a local box, completed my first “WOD” and was hooked! Had no idea what Double Unders were and recall leaving with rope burn and dirtier than ever from flipping tires. But it was amazing and I have MORE!

Within a year, CrossFit had driven me to new heights personally and professionally. In pursuit of my dream I became a CrossFit Affiliate owner in 2012, CrossFit Choice, in Mandeville, Louisiana. I immediately fell in love with programming “constantly varied functional fitness” for any and all fitness levels, as well as, helping people set goals, overcome weaknesses, while having fun and establishing lifelong friendships.

In May 2016, I relocated to Gulf Shores, Alabama, joined the Gulf Shores CrossFit team, where I am blessed to further pursue my undying passion for CrossFit.

Favorite quotes

On training…

What I once feared. I now embrace.”

“Inspiration + Motivation + Progress =Success”

On coaching…

Great leaders start with willing hearts, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference.

“Great leaders will get results, Inspirational leaders will inspire others to Excel over and Above Normal Limits”

Rachel Embrey

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

I started my CrossFit journey in the summer of 2015. For several years prior I had been working out with weights in the gym. Only a couple months after starting CrossFit I competed in my first competition. One of the main reasons I chose to make the switch from the gym to CrossFit was because I was tired of routine. CrossFit workouts are different every day and incorporate every muscle in the body. CrossFit allows you to mentally and physically challenge yourself while having the support of such a great CrossFit community. We strive to help each other better ourselves! I have never found so much joy and pleasure in helping others as I have experienced as a Level 1 Coach. It is truly my passion and I am continuously more eager every day to obtain as much knowledge and training as I possibly can in order to evolve into a better coach so that I can help my athletes reach their own goals and transformations!

Jen Tierney Harris

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

I have always been into exercise…mostly I was a runner. My husband convinced me to try Crossfit a little over two years ago. I originally thought, “I can’t do this,” but I tried it. And it turns out….I could do it and I loved it!! I started my Crossfit journey at Crossfit Zelos (now Ironhouse Crossfit) in Godfrey, Illinois. My husband I vacationed in Gulf Shores in September of 2013, where we met Jim Barton and we worked out at Gulf Shores Crossfit. In 2014, we decided to move to Gulf Shores from Illinois. Crossfit is by far the best workout that I have ever done. I honestly believe that absolutely anybody is capable of doing Crossfit workouts. I am a Crossfit level 1 trainer and I love having the opportunity to teach and motivate other people through their Crossfit journeys. My goal is to continue to refine my skills and to add more Crossfit training certifications to my skill base. Go Crossfit!

Jason Kalange

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Alicia Barton


Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Co-Owner of Gulf Shores CrossFit

Chiropractor and owner of Gulf Coast Family Chiropractic