CrossFit Kids & Teens Program

What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is meant to be BIG fun for all ages. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children. Further, the program is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for the varied maturation status one can find in a class full of kids. CrossFit Kids is designed to be minimalist; it is inexpensive and often requires little or no equipment, allowing a wide array of socioeconomic groups an opportunity to be physically fit and physically active throughout their lives.

Check out the official CrossFit Kids Facebook for additional info.


CrossFit for Kids & Teens at Gulf Shores CrossFit

We are coaches. Our job is to build athletes.
Our fitness is broad–we place equal emphasis on speed, strength, power, agility, coordination, flexibility, stamina and balance–and we keep things fun. Kids and teens WANT to come to Gulf Shores CrossFit to have fun.


Most common question from the kids: “Can we stay extra long and try the monkey bars again?” Most common comment from adults: “I wish I’d had this when I was a kid!”  Most common comment from teachers: “The kids focus and ability to pay attention is greatest after their CrossFit kids session!”

Our program produces young athletes that have a skillset great for any sport. Whether it is volleyball,

soccer, basketball, football, gymnastics or golf  – the athletes are better prepared

physically and mentally. Many professional and collegiate teams use CrossFit for their strength and conditioning.

The workouts are ‘scaled’; the kids and teens do activities that are appropriate for their age and level.                                  IMG_0330

A typical CrossFit kids class looks like this:

  1. WARM UP: Team-based warmup, ie. lumber jacks and farmers game
  2. SKILLS:  skill development (ie: pushups, squats, handstand, or a pullup, or a rope climb, or a kettle bell swing or basic olympic lifting work with PVC)
  3. CHALLENGE: An individual challenge (for example, an obstacle course or ultimate football or series of exercises against the clock.)
  4. COOL DOWN:  cool down and review.

How to Join:

  • Email:  for current pricing and schedules!
  • Inbox: Gulf Shores CrossFit on Facebook

Group & Team rates available.