May 13, 2020


Hang Power Clean (Weight)
Every :75 x 6
3 Hang Power Cleans
3-6 Pull Up/False Grip Ring Row/CTB/ MU/ etc.
**Whichever skill you need to work!

Metcon (Time)
6 rounds
24 Air Squats
8 Dead lifts
4 MU or 6 Burpee Pull Ups

Performance- 225/155
Fitness- 185/125
M50+- 165/105#

*You can still RX it if you sub for MU, just make it a challenging 4 rep!

3 sets
25 RDL

* we are looking to keep good movement patterns that may have been faltered during the metcon for the hinge. Move well, keep it light and have constant tension.