May 19, 2020


Skill & Strength
5 sets
10 Pulls (Can be strict pull up, banded, or ring rows. Find a challenging 10. You may break ONCE!)
10 single arm upright rows each arm (light weight, don’t alter body or "kip" to get weight up- shouldn’t be painful either)

2 rounds
25/15 Calorie Row
15 Clean and Jerks / Snatches
Rest 3minutes
(First round is CJ, second round is snatches)

Performance- 185/125 CJ – 165/105 Snatch
Fitness- 135/95 CJ – 115/80 Snatch
M50+ – 95/65 CJ – 75/55 Snatch

*The goal is full send from the start. Score is total time of both rounds combined.

2 sets
10ea Ys, Ts, Is w/light plates

2 sets
10ea internal and external rotations using either bands or light plates