Athlete of the Month

On a regular basis we will be highlighting our athletes of all ages. This is not an easy task with all the amazing athletes we have.
 We want to recognize those dedicated members for their hard work and accomplishments who give their all every WOD.  Commitment to reaching their goals as well as helping those around them become the strongest they can be and show the local community that anyone can be a CrossFitter.


July 2017 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Thomas Carpenter

Occupation: Retired
Words to live by: No pain no gain
How long have you been crossFitting? 9 months
Favorite WOD or movement: Stretching
Least favorite WOD: Burpees
Favorite Lift: Deadlift
Lease favorite Lift: Back squat
Training Goals:  Be able to do 25 toes to bar
Tell us something we don’t know about you: I jumped out of an airplane 42 times before my first landing
Crossfit Success Story: Starting at 74 years old
Advice for newbies: Don’t let anything stand in your way


June 2017 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Haylee Haid

Occupation: Full-Time College Student
Words to live by: Love the way Jesus did
How long have you been crossFitting? 1 year and 7 months
Least favorite WOD: Running
Favorite WOD: Thrusters
Favorite Lift: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Lease favorite Lift: Squat Snatch
Training Goals:  Maintain a healthy lifestyle and receive a remarkable range of motion.
Tell us something we don’t know about you: I have a dog named Frank Lucas.
Crossfit Success Story: When I began CrossFit, I had extreme postpartum depression and anxiety. I chose to begin my college journey 4 weeks after giving birth to my first child and that was challenging. I felt myself “slipping” away and I knew it was because my daily activity was at an all time low and my body needed exercise. I searched on Google for CrossFit place near me and I chose Gulf Shores CrossFit. I met Jim on 10/31/15, and I guess because it was Halloween, he was partaking in the costume wearing and I was a little worried but I went through the foundations and all that good stuff and IT WAS SO HARD! I couldn’t even do 1 squat, I was so weak physically and mentally. As time went on and I became more consistent with CrossFit, I noticed how strong I was getting, how good I felt about my body, and how comfortable I felt in clothes, IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING!!! So I’m feeling good and looking good and I find out wonderful news in December of 2016,, I was expecting my second child by August 2017. I was excited to grow my family, but I knew that I couldn’t stop CrossFitting. It was my routine before the baby and I wanted it to stay my routine with and after baby! I have dedicated myself these last 8 months (I’m currently 31 weeks) to maintain a healthy diet and to stay as active as possible and I’m glad I have enough drive and support to continue these WODs and carry my baby to full term doing burpees!!!Thank you to all the people who have cheered me on and have helped me finish certain workouts! YOUR SUPPORT TRULY MATTERS TO ME, IT IS WHAT KEEPS ME COMING TO THE BOX!!!


May 2017 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Mason Whitlock

Occupation: Student
Words to live by: You only have to be better than yesterday
How long have you been crossFitting? 6 months
Least favorite WOD: D.T.
Favorite WOD: Griff
Favorite Lift: Back Squat
Lease favorite Lift: Clean
Training Goals:  To make it to the CrossFit Games
Tell us something we don’t know about you: I was 90th in the National History Bee
Crossfit Success: I placed 97th in the online qualifier
Advice for newbies: Start small


April 2017 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Tricia Bankston

Occupation: Director of Health Information Management, South Baldwin Regional Medical Center
Words to live by: Love God, Love People
How long have you been CrossFitting? 3 1/2 years
Least favorite WOD: Right now it is wall balls
Favorite WOD: I would say burpees, but everyone would think I’m insane, so let’s go with running
Favorite Lift: Deadlift
Least favorite Lift: Snatch
Training Goals:  To master rope climbing within the next year
Tell us something we don’t know about you: My dad was a pole vaulter who held the state record in Mississippi for many years. My grandfather was a boxing champ and was the middleweight champ of Hawaii back in the 1940’s.
CrossFit Success: My goal each year has been to do one unassisted pull-up. I finally met this goal a few weeks ago. It was ugly, but I got myself over the bar. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I have never had much upper body strength, so for me it is a real accomplishment. I’m also very thankful to be able to do box jumps. When I first started CrossFit, I couldn’t jump from the ground to the first porch step. Now I can do 20+ box jumps in a row on the 18 inch box.
Advice for newbies: 1) Scale, scale, scale….. until you no loner have to scale. Don’t get discouraged because you are unable to RX a WOD.
                                    2) Be consistent. The more you work out the better and stronger you will get. For the first several years, I attended only 2-3 workouts a week. Although I got somewhat stronger, I did not see the results I have seen since I started attending daily.

March 2017 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Danny McGowin

Occupation: Police Officer
Words to live by: Always strive to achieve more
How long have you been CrossFitting? 2 1/2 years
Least favorite WOD: Murph
Favorite WOD: 12 Days of Christmas
Favorite Lift: Snatches
Least favorite Lift: Thrusters & Burpees
Training Goals:  To be able to do a muscle up, back squat over 300lbs, 20 unbroken strict pull-ups
Tell us something we don’t know about you:
CrossFit Success:
Advice for newbies: If your not sore then your not doing it right.


February 2017 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Shelby Roberson

Words to live by:
How long have you been crossFitting? 1 year
Least favorite Wod: TTB
Favorite WOD: 
Favorite Lift: Hang Clean
Lease favorite Lift: Dead Lift
Training Goals:  I constantly have new goals for myself and for my training. I am just a very goal oriented person but for me my goal is to keep the balance in training and life. I can easily over focus on my goals because I am a very focused person and balance is key for me because it is possible to get over focused. I tend to do that because I like to do the my best in everything I do but it’s important to be balanced in everything as well.
Tell us something we don’t know about you: I love horses …….but I think everyone knows that one !
Crossfit Success: I quit swimming competitively and it was one of my biggest passions but I just felt like God was moving me in a different direction and gave me different views on things. I missed it terribly especially because I missed having something to work towards. I continued to go for long runs and train but it’s just not the same when you do not have people to motivate you! Until I started coming to GSCF. All of the people here are just so genuine and honestly like family ! I haven’t had this much fun working out like this in so long. Plus I’m surrounded by such great people !
Advice for newbies: To not get discouraged because we have all been there and just be proud of yourself for every little victory in your improvements. Also, cross-fitters are family especially at GSCF we all are here to help each other out, even outside of the gym.


January 2017 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Bill Cummings

Occupation: Asset Protection Manager (Walgreens)
Words to live by: Do what makes you happy
How long have you been crossFitting? 2 years
Least favorite Wod: Murph
Favorite WOD: Karen
Favorite Lift: Bench
Lease favorite Lift: Squat Clean
Training Goals: Be better than yesterday
Tell us something we don’t know about you: I’ve never been competitive until I started Crossfit! Success has made me enjoy competing
Crossfit Success: Where I started to where I am. Where I will be a year from now.
Advice for newbies: Don’t skip a day you don’t absolutely have to. Life will make you take days off. Those are your rest days!


December 2016 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Patricia Lira


Occupation: Self employed

Words to Live by: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

How long have you been CrossFitting? Almost 2 years

What is your favorite WOD (workout of the day) or movement? I like heroes wod Least favorite

WOD or movement? Wall balls

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Least favorite Lift: OHS

What are your training goals? Clear my mind of “I can’t ”

Tell us something we don’t know about you: my hubby said : they don’t want to know☺️

What is your CrossFit Success Story? I have been a member of Gulf Shores Crossfit for almost two years. I have increased my strength, my focus and my confidence in my abilities to complete workouts that once seemed rather daunting. That challenge keeps me interested, while my body just benefits from the continued practice. My favorite part of the day is to workout with my awesome 8:30 class.

Any advice for newbies? It doesn’t matter where you finish, only that you finish with integrity and give it a solid effort . Keep your head high and be proud. This stuff is hard but everyone can do it.


November 2016 ~

Spotlight Athlete of the Month

Nate Harris

Occupation: Police Officer
Words to live by: Happy wife happy life
How long have you been crossfitting? 3 years
Least favorite Wod: Fran
Favorite WOD: Anything other than Fran
Favorite Lift: OHS
Lease favorite Lift: None, anytime I have a barbell in my hand, I am happy!
Training Goals: To maintain a level of fitness both physically, spiritually, and mentally to keep me fit for anything I may encounter at work.
Tell us something we don’t know about you: I am an astronomy geek.
Crossfit Success: 6 months after starting crossfit, my PFT score for the military increased almost 40 points, which qualified me to attend some pretty cool schools.
Advice for newbies: Stick with it, don’t quit. Even on your worst day, a sense of accomplishment that you finished a WOD is very satisfying.