September 14, 2020

Monday, September 14th 2020

A. General
Continuous Tabata
*2 intervals per movement
-Bike or Row or Ski or Jumping jacks
-Air squats
-Double unders/Double under practice
– Front rack stretch on the floor or bench or box

B. Mobility
Rotating scorpions

C. Specific
1 set @ empty bar
-7 Jerk dips*
-7 push press
-7 jerk drops
-7 pause push jerks (pause 2sec in reception)

*This can be very ineffective for athletes if they don’t have a goal. The goal should be to have as much tension as possible, staying tall against the weight of the bar as we pull down in a very short dip.

Push Jerk (Work up to a heavy 5 reps)
Time Alloted: 12mins

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
Every 7mins for 14mins

2 rounds
8 Heavy Thrusters @155/105lbs
4 Rope Climbs*
50 Double unders

*substitute with strict chin ups: 8-12 reps

Cool down
Easy Bike or row 3 minutes


Tricep stretch with BB