September 9, 2020

Wednesday, September 9th 2020

A. General
3 rounds @increasing intensity on each round
-1 min Row or Bike or Run or Jumping jacks
-30s Inch worms
-30s Banded good mornings

B. Mobility
World’s greatest stretch

C. Weightlifting drill
5 sets @50-60% /Broomstick
-1 Paused Clean pull (above the knees)
-1 2-pauses Power Clean (above the knees and at reception at 1/4 Squat)
-1 Squat Clean

Metcon (Weight)
Every 2 minutes for 8minutes
5 Hang Squat Clean
4 Bar Facing Burpees


Metcon (Time)
For time
400m Run
30 Ring Dips
20 Burpee box jump over 24"/20"
40 Deadlift @ 185/135lbs
20 Burpee box jump over 24"/20"
30 Ring Dips
400m Run

Time cap 22mins

Cool down
Child’s pose

2 minutes or so in a child’s pose. You can walk out forward with the hands and from side to side