April 1, 2023

CrossFit – Sat, Apr 1
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A. General


odd- Jump rope 30 seconds

even- 7 Ball toss* + 5 broad jumps + 3 banded burpees**

*Wall ball like a push press, no squat

**Beginners no band


B. Mobility

Banded front delt PNF stretch

5 x 5 sec Contract/5 sec Stretch


C. Specific

2 sets @ increasing intensity

30 double unders

5 STO @ working weight

5 burpees

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 18minutes

70 Double-unders

5 Shoulder to OH 95/65lbs

5 Burpees

Add 5 reps every round on the Shoulder to OH & Burpees

TC: 18 minutes

KG: 43/30

Score: Reps

Scaling Options


50 single unders

3 Push press @ Empty bar

3 Down & Ups

Add 3 reps every round


30-50 DU

5 shoulder to OH @ 75/55lbs

5 Burpees


4 rounds @RPE 7

70 DU

20 burpees

20 step ups @24/20″


Teams of 2

You go I go, full rounds

30 rounds for time

25 DU

5 Shoulder to OH 95/65lbs

5 Burpees

TC: 30 minutes

Extra Accessory
Metcon (Checkmark)

Relay race

On the call of 3 2 1 go, athletes, one at a time will run out, grab a piece of equipment and bring it back to the starting line.

The team who brings back the equipment fastest wins.

Setup various equipment at the opposite end of your gym.

Split class in 2 or 3 teams (or more if necessary). This piece can be done as a general warm up game. You can do these in multiple rounds starting with much lighter equipment at the start and ending on heavier equipment like plates, D-balls or KBs.