December 13, 2023

CrossFit – Wed, Dec 13


A. General

2-3 sets

1 Min DU practice / SU

10 Air squats

10 Plate ground to overhead

10 Overhead reverse lunges

10 Calf pedals

B. Mobility

Hip to lat stretch on rig

C. Specific Drills, Snatch

5 Snatch grip RDL

5 Snatch grip RDL into muscle snatch

5 Snatch overhead returns to the hip

5 Snatch overhead returns to below the knees

5 “TNG” Snatch

Overhead returns:

C. Specific Drills, Metcon

2-3 x 25’ each drill

Bunny hop

A’ Skip

High knees

Side shuffle

Go over proper Shuttle run change of direction

Snatch (E3MOM x 5
5 TNG reps @ building to heavy)

TC: 15 Minutes

Score: Load

Scaling Options


5×3 TnG w/slow eccentric @ technical


as written

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time

10 Shuttle Runs (25’+25′)

75 Double-unders

rest 1:00 b/w rounds

TC: 10 Minutes

Score: Total Time Incl Rest

Scaling Options


3 Rounds

6 No Touch Shuttle Runs (25’+25′)

50 Single Unders

-rest 1:00 b/w rounds-


as written, or sub 75 Singles for Doubles

Extra Accessory
Accessory (Weight)

Grip work

Every 90 seconds for 7 sets

100′ Farmer Carry 2 x DB or KB, heavy