February 10, 2024

CrossFit – Sat, Feb 10


A. General

‘Burpee Flip Cup’

Split the class into two teams. The two teams stand across from each other with a line of boxes separating the two. Each person gets a cup sitting upright on their end of the box, and is paired up with someone else on the other team. The object is to flip the cup with only the fingers so that it lands face down. Once a team member has successfully flipped the cup the entire team must complete 4 reverse lunges and then the next team member attempts to flip their cup. This keeps going until one team has flipped all of their cups and completed all their lunges. Winning team gets to pick the music for the WOD!

B. Mobility/Activation

PIgeon Pose on Box

Spend 1:30 per side working dynamically through different angles and corners of the hip joint, as well as playing with a bent back leg or straight back leg. Athletes can also lay over their front leg or sit tall and reach to explore different avenues of this stretch.

C. Specific Metcon

@ workout height box

4 x 2 Walking Steps into 1 Box Step Up, alt legs

4 x 1 Walking Step into 1 Box Step Up, alt legs

6 Box Step Ups


@ empty barbell

5 Good Mornings

5 RDLs

5 Muscle Cleans

5 Strict Press

5 Push Press

5 Clean & Jerks


2×3 Clean & Jerks building to workout weight


8 Box Step Ups

4 Clean & Jerks @ workout weight

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time

30 Box Step Ups 24/20”

10 Clean & Jerks 135/95lbs

TC: 25 Minutes

Score: Time

KG: 61/43

Scaling Options:


5 rounds

15 Box Step Ups @ 18/14in

6-8 Clean & Jerks @ 65/45lbs


5 rounds

30 Box Step Ups @ 24/20in

10 Clean & Jerks @ 95/65lbs

Team WOD (Time)

5 Rounds, in teams of 3, congo line

30 Box Step Ups 24/20”

10 Clean & Jerks 135/95lbs

Extra Accessory

3 sets

12/12 Unilateral Hip Thrust

12/12 Rising Clamshell