February 16, 2023

CrossFit – Thu, Feb 16
Hey guys! Get signed up for the CrossFit open. Go to CrossFit.com to get started or ask a coach for help. The first Friday Night Lights will be on Feb. 17th at 6:00 p.m. The theme is Mardi Gras. Be there at 5:30 for workout briefing.


A. General

3 rounds

8/7 cal Machine @increasing intensity

10 Alternating Lunges

5/5 Hanging scapular C.A.R’s


B. Mobility

PNF Pigeon Stretch

5 seconds Contraction, pushing knee into the floor

5 seconds stretch, relax and bring the chest over the knee

*If any knee pain, elevate the leg, with the shin on a box or do a modified pigeon laying on the back, crossing one foot to the other knee.


C. Specific

3 sets

5-10 KB swings @ ascending if possible

1-3 banded broad jumps

Weightlifting (Weight)

4 sets

20 unbroken KBS @heaviest possible

3 Banded Broad Jumps

rest 1:30

TC: 12 min

Score: Weight

Scaling Options


20 unbroken KBS @Quality

3 Broad Jumps


As Written



Metcon (Distance)

EMOM 18minutes

Min 1: 20 Medball Lunges 20/14lbs

Min 2: 20 Medball Russian Twists 20/14lbs

Min 3: 40 sec Machine of Choice

KG:9/6 KG

TC: 18 min

Score: Total Machine Distance

Scaling Options


Min 1: 14 Lunges

Min 2: 14 Russian Twists @ light

Min 3: 40 sec Machine of Choice


Min 1: 20 Medball Lunges @ 14/10lbs

Min 2: 20 Medball Russian Twists @14/10lbs

Min 3: 40 sec Machine of Choice



Extra Accessory
Core (Checkmark)

Single Leg Pallof Press

4 x 12

Rest 60-90 sec between sets