February 5, 2023

CrossFit – Sun, Feb 5
Hey guys! Get signed up for the CrossFit open. Go to CrossFit.com to get started or ask a coach for help. The first Friday Night Lights will be on Feb. 17th at 6:00 p.m. The theme is Mardi Gras. Be there at 5:30 for workout briefing.


A. General

3 sets

20 backwards arm circles

25/25’ Bottom up KB carry @ 1 x light

B. Mobility

Handstand superman drill

10-15 repetitions

*for members who can’t go upside down, use a pike position from a box or even from the floor.

C. Specific

Min 1: 10-15 Cal Machine

Min 2: 25′ Double KB Front Rack Lunges @2×24/16 Kg

Min 3: 25′ HS walk*

*Scaling methods:

  • 25’ Inch worms
  • 3-5 Feet elevated pike walkout
  • 25’ Seal walk
  • 1-2 Wall walks

Gymnastics Conditioning (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Death by wall walk


Min 1: 1 wall walk

Min 2: 2 wall walk

Min 3: 3 wall walk

..ect until death

TC: 10 min

Score: Last Round completed + Reps

Scaling Options


Death by Inch Worm


Half Wall Walks



Conditioning (Distance)

Aerobic work

30 minutes @zone 2 on the machine of your choice

TC: 30 min

Score: Distance

Scaling Options

Beginner & Intermediate

As Written

Extra Accessory
Accessory (Weight)

Landmine row + unilateral eccentric, alternating

5 x 10 reps