February 9, 2023

CrossFit – Thu, Feb 9
Hey guys! Get signed up for the CrossFit open. Go to CrossFit.com to get started or ask a coach for help. The first Friday Night Lights will be on Feb. 17th at 6:00 p.m. The theme is Mardi Gras. Be there at 5:30 for workout briefing.



Rowling Games

Objective: To hit EXACTLY 100m on the Concept2 rower.


The individual player tries to row to hit EXACTLY 100m, by rowing continuously (this usually involves rowing to ~80-85 m and letting the fan carry the meters to 100).

The number of meters above or below 100 contribute to the player’s score (eg. if they row 105m, their score is 5, if they row 97m, their score is 3).

Options and Variations

– This can be done with a penalty for every point (eg. a burpee for every meter off).

– Can be done with teams, partners, or as individuals.

– Can switch up the number aiming for (eg. 120m, 143m, etc.)

– All athletes go at the same time, the athlete closest to 100m chooses the movement variation for the penalty and everyone completes the penalty together.


Warm up and prep all movements with load.

Linda (Time)
Deadlift ,1.5 Body Weight
Bench Press, Body Weight
Clean, 3/4 Body Weight

TC: 20 min

Score: Time

Scaling Options


Scale reps as needed

Deadlift @Bodyweight

Hand Elevated Push Ups

Clean @.25 Bodyweight


Deadlift @1.25x Bodyweight

Bench Press/ Floor Press @ .75 Bodyweight

Clean @.5 Bodyweight



Active Recovery
Active Recovery (Checkmark)

McKenzie Press

3 x 10, hold last rep for 10-20 seconds

Extra Accessory
Core Accessory (Checkmark)

3 rounds for quality

5 Seated strict TTB

20 Sky touches

30 sec/elbow Side plank