January 11, 2024

CrossFit – Thu, Jan 11


A. General


10 Air Squats

5/5 Lunge & Reach

15sec Dead Hang

5/5 High Knees

5/5 Butt Kickers

5 Reverse Inchworm

5 Ring Rows

B. Mobility

Cossack Stretch

Accumulate 2:00, switch legs every 20 sec, emphasis on the straight leg hamstring stretch and driving the bent leg’s knee over the toe.

C1. Specific Strength

@ empty barbell

10 Back Rack Elbow Rotations

5 Back Squats w/3 sec pause in bottom

5 Front Squats


2-3 sets of 3 reps, building to working weight

C2. Specific Metcon

After selecting movements, run through a quick progression as provided by the coach.


EMOMx2: 30sec of each movement

Front Squat (5×2 reps @ ascending
*Begin @ 80%)

TC: 15 Minutes

Score: Weight

Scaling Options


5 x 2 @ 31×1 tempo


As written

Metcon (Checkmark)

“Goat Day”

Alternating EMOMx14

1) Choose a weak movement to work on for 30 sec of the minute.

2) Mono structural (choose from):

– Machine Cals

– Burpees

– Single/Double-unders

for 30 sec of the minute.

TC: 14 Minutes

Score: Checkmark


Rope Climbs


Wall Walks / HS walk

Squat Snatch

Split Jerk

Extra Accessory
Accessory (Checkmark)


Banded Good Mornings

3 x 20 reps

Pausing Skater Jumps

3 x 6/6 reps