January 12, 2024

CrossFit – Fri, Jan 12


A. General


10x100m, alternating with a partner. The goal is to make your rower stop right at 100m. For every meter over or under the 100m mark, there is a penalty. For example if your rower stops at 105 your score for that round is 5, and you will complete 5 burpees.

B. Mobility

Banded Front Rack Stretch

Spend 1:30/side, and keep it dynamic by flossing through all corners of the stretch – moving the hand left and right, internally and externally rotating, moving the elbow up and down.

C2. Specific Metcon

Perform 1-2 cleans at each barbell load used in the workout. Strip the bar back to the opening load. Arrange plates for easy loading, but not near your drop zone.


5 Cal Row

5 Cleans @ opening weight

Weightlifting (Checkmark)

Clean Pull Drills

Power Position Focus

@ empty bar or very light loading

5-10 High Hang High Pull

5-10 High Hang Power Clean

5-10 Hang Cleans w/pause @ power position

5-10 Tempo Cleans

TC: 10-12 Minutes

Scaling Options


as written

Metcon (Time)

For time

20/16 Cal Row, 15 Cleans, 95/65lbs

20/16 Cal Row, 15 Cleans, 115/85lbs

20/16 Cal Row, 10 Cleans, 135/95lbs

20/16 Cal Row, 10 Cleans, 155/105lbs

20/16 Cal Row, 5 Cleans, 185/135lbs

20/16 Cal Row, 5 Cleans 225/155lbs

TC: 20 Minutes

Score: Time

KG: 43/30, 52/39, 61/43, 70/48, 84/61, 102/70

Scaling Options:


15/12 Cal Row across

Hang Cleans, same weight across, technical load


20/16 Cal Row, 15 Cleans, 75/55lbs

20/16 Cal Row, 15 Cleans, 95/65lbs

20/16 Cal Row, 10 Cleans, 105/75lbs

20/16 Cal row, 10 Cleans, 115/85lbs

20/16 Cal row, 5 Cleans, 125/90lbs

20/16 Cal row, 5 Cleans 135/95lbs

*athletes change their own weights

Extra Accessory
Core (Checkmark)

Sky touches

Accumulate 100 reps