January 18, 2024

CrossFit – Thu, Jan 18


A. General

‘Line Drill Simon Says’

Pick 4-6 of your favorite line drills:

– high knees

– butt kicks

– carioca

– lateral lunges

– fast feet

– lunge and twist

Line your athlete’s up on one side of the gym. You’ll call the movement and as athletes begin moving to the other side of the gym and back, you can call out a new movement or keep them going on the same.

Play for 4-5 Minutes.

C1. Specific Metcon

Run Tech:

2:00 Practice B-Skip Drill


400m Run, applying the above tech work

Row Tech:

1:00 Practice Push-Down Drill @ 20-22 SPM

1:00 Practice Push-Down Drill @ 25-28 SPM


250m Row at workout pace and ideal SPM

Jerry (Time)
For Time:
1-Mile Run
2k Row
1-Mile Run
In honor of Sgt Major Jerry Dwayne Patton, 40, died on 15 October 2008 preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.

TC: 35 Minutes

Score: Time

Scaling Options


800m Run

1000m Row

800m Run


As written

Extra Accessory
Accessory (Checkmark)

Rower Pike Ups

4×12 reps