January 24, 2024

CrossFit – Wed, Jan 24

Warm up

A. General

2-3 Rounds

10 PVC Dislocates

10 PVC Prone Lift Offs

10 PVC Snatch Grip Press

10/10 Slow Split Squats

B. Mobility/Activation

World’s Greatest Stretch

Complete 10 elbow taps + turn and reaches per leg for total of 20 reps.

C1. Specific Metcon

15 sec Handstand Hold on Wall

10 Handstand Scap Shrugs

5 HSPU Negatives -or- Pike HSPU negatives -or- Slow DB Push Press Negatives

3 HSPU -or- workout mod


10 Walking Lunge Steps

C2. Specific Metcon (Snatch)

@ empty bar, focus on Bar return for BB cycling

5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

5 Snatch Grip Push Press

5 Muscle Snatch (leg drive and bar elevation focus)

Bar return focus

3 Power Snatch (pause at hip)

3 Power Snatch (hip contact, no pause)

3 Power Snatch (brush hip, no pause)


2×3 building to starting load

Metcon (Weight)

E5MOM x 5


20 Walking Lunge Steps

3 TNG Snatch @ ascending

TC: 25min

Score: Heaviest Load

Scaling Options


E5MOM x 5

10 Double DB Press @ 25/15lbs

20 Walking Lunge Steps

3 Tng Snatch @ technical

Intermediate L1

E5MOM x 5

10 Pike HSPU, Feet on box

20 Walking Lunge Steps

3 Tng Snatch

Intermediate L2

E5MOM x 5

Buy in:


20 Walking Lunge Steps

3 Tng Snatch

Accessory (Checkmark)

Core Accessory

EMOM 6 minutes

8-12 GHD Situps