January 28, 2024

CrossFit – Sun, Jan 28

Warm up

A. General

‘Burpee Tag’

Line up 3 benches in a long straight line. Split your group into 2 even teams. One person from each team lines up on either side of the benches, facing opposite directions (either clockwise or counterclockwise). At your call, athletes perform a burpee, then sprint to the other side of the benches, do another burpee, sprint around, and so on, until one person catches and tags the other. Play until athletes have gone, and the team with the most tags wins!

B. Mobility/Activation

2 Sets, alternating:

Barbell Assisted Straddle Stretch

Hold 15sec down the middle, 15sec reaching to the right, 15sec reaching to the left.

Shoulder Extension Bridge

3-5 Reps

C1. Specific Strength

10 Bench Press @ empty barbell

-directly into-

50’ KB Farmers Carry @ light


2×5 Bench Press, building to starting load

C2. Specific Metcon

2 Sets:

200m Jog

3-5 Power Cleans, building to workout weight

Weightlifting (4 Rounds for reps)

Barbell Bench Press

4×8 reps

*after each set, perform 100′ KB Farmers Carry @ 2×32/24

TC: 12 Minutes

Score: Load

Scaling Options


4×6-8 @ technical across


As written

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5 x

AMRAP 3 minutes

400m Run

Max Cleans @ 135/95 lbs

No rest between

Run Sub:

400m Run = 500m Row = 30/24 Cal Bike

TC: 15 Minutes

Score: Sum Total Reps

KG: 61/43

Scaling Options


5 x AMRAP 3

200m Run

Max Cleans @ 65/45lbs


5 x AMRAP 3

400m Run

Max Cleans @ 95/65lbs

Accessory (10 Rounds for reps)

CrossFit Open Skill Accessory:

10 minutes

AMRAP 30 sec ON

30 sec OFF