January 4, 2024

CrossFit – Thu, Jan 4


A. General

‘Pizza Game’

CrossFit Warm Up Games (“Pizza Game”)

Play for 5 Minutes, use 3 abmat situps + 10 Second Plank Hold as penalty to re-enter game.

B. Mobility/Activation

1:30 KB Child’s Pose

Palms face down on the handle of one KB, head through the window of the arms, pressing down lightly, then relaxing, PNF style


10/10 Light Half Kneeling KB Bottoms Up Press

Sub in light DBs or even change plates as needed

C1. Specific Strength

@ light KB

3/3 Roll to Support

3/3 Half Turkish Get Ups

3/3 KB OH Rear Step Lunges

2/2 Full Turkish Get Ups

C2. Specific Metcon

@ workout weight DBs

5 Cal Bike / Row

10sec Pushup Plank Hold

5 DB Deadlifts

20sec DB Farmers Carry Standing March

50m DB Farmers Carry

5 Cal Bike / Row

Core Stability (Weight)

Turkish Get Up

4×3/3 @ Technical Loading

TC: 12 Minutes

Score: Weight

Scaling Options


As written

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15 minutes

20/16 Cal Bike / Row

30 Sec Pushup Plank Hold

100m Farmers Carry @ 2×50/35lbs

TC: 15 Minutes

Score: Rounds + Reps

KG: 22.5/15

Scaling Options



12/8 Cal Row / Bike

30 Sec Elevated Pushup Plank Hold

50-75m Farmers Carry @ 2×25/15lbs



20/16 Cal Row / Bike

30 Sec Pushup Plank Hold

100m Farmers Carry @ 2×35/25lbs

Extra Accessory
Clean Pull (4 x 4 @ 110%)