July 10, 2023

CrossFit – Mon, Jul 10
This is our final week of the base strength and muscular endurance phase. You will see some tests this week. Good luck and don’t forget to ring the PR bell if you hit a PR!


A. General

2 rounds

1 minute machine

10 empty bar front squats/air squats

5 Push press/ 5 thrusters

B. Mobility

Elevated Banded ankle rocks

2 sets of 10 -15reps/side, hold every stretch for 2-3 seconds


C. Specific

3 sets

3-5/leg Single Leg glute bridge + band around the knees (adductions)

5-3-1 Squats @Asecending

Tempo 4.1.X.1

Back Squat (1 rep max)

TC: 20 minutes

Score: Weight

Scaling Options


6 x 2 @ moderate

Intermediate & Perform

As written

Jackie (Time)
For time:
1,000-meter row
50 thrusters
30 pull-ups

Men: 45 lb.
Women: 35 lb.

TC: 10 minutes

Score: time

KG: 20/15

Scaling Options


4 min row, max meter

30 Thrusters @ 45/35 lbs

20 Jumping pull ups


1000m Row

50 Thrusters @ 45/35 lbs

15 Pull ups


For time

1000m Row

100′ HS walk

1000m Row

Extra Accessory
Core (Checkmark)

Dragon flags

5 x 5