July 11, 2023

CrossFit – Tue, Jul 11
This is our final week of the base strength and muscular endurance phase. You will see some tests this week. Good luck and don’t forget to ring the PR bell if you hit a PR!


A. General

200-400m jog

2 rounds

10-30 seconds Hollow hang on bar

3-5 Inch worm + push-up

5 Russian KBS

B. Mobility

PNF lat stretch on floor

10 rep/arm

– Contraction for 7-10 seconds

– stretching for 10 seconds


C. Activation

3 sets

5 Heavy band rows

3-2-1 Bench press @ ascending

Bench Press (1 rep max)

TC: 16 minutes

Score: Weight

Scaling Options


8 x 1 @ moderate

Intermediate & Perform

As written

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds For time

20 KB Swings 24/16 KG

400m Run

TC: 18 minutes

Score: time

Scaling Options


15 RKB swings @16/12 KG

200m Jog


20 KBS @ 16/12kg

400m run

Extra Accessory
Upper Accessory (Weight)

3 sets

8 Double DB Pullover

30-45 sec Hollow body hold

15 Banded Skull Crushers*

*Hold every rep for 2 seconds at peak contraction