July 12, 2023

CrossFit – Wed, Jul 12
This is our final week of the base strength and muscular endurance phase. You will see some tests this week. Good luck and don’t forget to ring the PR bell if you hit a PR!


A. General

2 sets

30 seconds Jumping Jacks

5 Stiff leg burpees

5 empty bar RDL

B. Mobility

PNF hamstring stretch


5 seconds contraction, pushing against the band with your foot

5 seconds stretch, pulling your foot back


C. Activation

3 sets

30 sec hollow body hold


5 Good mornings

Then, build up your deadlift with only concentric reps (Drop the bar from the top)

5-3-1 @ascending

D. Metcon prep

Dedicate 3-5 mins for athletes to have free time to play, practice & setup

Deadlift (1 rep Max)

TC: 16 minutes

Score: Weight

Scaling Options


6 x 2 @ moderate

Intermediate & Perform

As written

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

Every 3 mins x 4 sets

15 Hang clean 115/75 lbs

15 TTB

15 Bar facing burpees

Extra Accessory
Post Chain (Checkmark)

3 sets

12/12 Lying hamstring pull downs

60 sec/side Side plank on Swiss ball

If no Swiss ball: Use rings