November 14, 2023

CrossFit – Tue, Nov 14


A. General

Frankenstein Relay race

Split the class into groups or minimum 3 maximum 6

Athletes must perform a relay race going out with the Frankenstein running drill and back with either another running drill of your choice or a jog

Drill options for warm up:

– Side shuffles

– Heel walk

– Toe walk

– Inchworms

(10 minutes)

B. Mobility

Ballistic leg swings

15 reps front to back & side to side

Arm circle swings

15 Reps forward & backward

C. Specific (after Running Drills)

3 sets (ascending load)

5/5 Banded psoas march

3 V-ups/Knee tucks/abmat situps

3 Overhead Squats

3 Shoulder to overhead

Run Drills (Checkmark)

2 x 25’ Each drill

Bunny hops

Bunny hops + A Skip Right

Bunny hops + A Skip Left

A Skip

Bunny hops + Butt kick Right

Bunny hops + Butt kick Left

Butt Kicks

Metcon (Time)

For Time

400m Run

40 V-ups

400m Run

40 Overhead Squats 135/95 lbs

400m Run

40 Shoulder to overhead 135/95 lbs

400m Run

40 V-ups

TC: 20 minutes


KG: 60/43

Scaling Options


200m Jog

40 Abmat situps

200m Jog

20 Overhead Squats @ light

200m Jog

20 Shoulder to overhead @ light

200m Jog

40 Abmat Situps


400m run

40 Knee tucks

400m run

20 Overhead Squats @ 95/65 lbs

400m run

20 Shoulder to overhead @ 95/65 lbs

400m run

40 Knee tucks

Extra Accessory
Upper Accessory (Checkmark)

3 sets

20 band neutral grip bicep curls

20 band pullovers

20 band pull aparts