November 23, 2023

CrossFit – Thu, Nov 23


A. General

Amrap 6 minutes

25’ Samson stretch lunges

25’ Inchworm

25’ Crab walk

25’ Lizard walk

Lizard walk:

B. Mobility

Quadruped Thoracic rotation

4-6 reps/side

C. Specific

Take 3-5 minutes to explain a single focus on each movement. Have athletes choose their movements and give them a practice before beginning the EMOM

“GOAT Day” (Checkmark)

EMOM 20 minutes

Choose 2 of the following movements to make up your EMOM of the day

– Jumping pull ups/Pull ups/C2B/BMU

– Wall walks/HS walk

– Push Jerk/Split Jerk

– KB Clean/Snatch

Scaling Options (movement choices)


Kipping Jumping pull ups



Extra Accessory
Upper Accessory (Checkmark)

5 sets

15 Ring rows

8/8 DB Row w/ parallette support