October 19, 2023

CrossFit – Thu, Oct 19


A. General

3 rounds

30s Air squats

30s Hollow body hold

30s Row

B. Mobility

Ankle stretch with band


C. Specific

10/10 Step downs

10/10 Heel elevated glute bridge

10/10 Russian step up (front facing)

10/10 RDL with reach

Gymnastics (AMRAP – Reps)

1. Pistol Skill practice & Progressions

– Pistol squat to box/Pistol squat ascent

– Pistol Squat heel elevated

– Pistol squat with counter weight

– Pistol squat, band assisted

2. Max pistols in 2 minutes

TC: 15 minutes

Score: reps

Scaling options

Beginner & Intermediate

In the 2 minutes, pick the appropriate progression and perform “max reps” in 2 minutes

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time

500/400m Row

50′ Odd Object Carry @ mod-heavy

TC: 18 minutes

Score: Time

Scaling Options


400/350m Row

50′ Odd Object Carry


As written

Extra Accessory
Accessory (Checkmark)

3 sets

10 Knee tucks, feet on rower

20 Glute bridges