October 2, 2023

CrossFit – Mon, Oct 2
End of summer dinner! Friday, October 6th – 5:45pm @ YoHo Rum Tacos🌮 (at the Wharf)


A. General

200 meter run

2 sets

10 Band pull aparts

5/5 Split squats, front foot elevated on plate/low box

B. Specific Part A

Band pistols / Pistol to box practice

2-3 x 5/5

Band setup: https://youtu.be/pCq-ucTjy8Y

C. Specific Metcon

3 rounds

5 HR push ups with or without band, holding retraction for 2 sec

5 Empty bar deadlift

10 Standing runners toe taps on bar or plate: https://youtube.com/shorts/v1Fx2t9gNUw?si=X2t6lH_SkiQr-Urm

Increase load on the barbell each round to the working weight

Gymnastics (Checkmark)

3-4 sets

3/3 Box elevated pistols

12 Pistols alternating

15 sec max rep band assisted pistols

Rest 2 minutes

TC: 15 minutes

Score: Checkmark

Scaling Options


3/3 Pistol to box

12 Alternating step ups


3/3 Box elevated assisted pistols

12 Alternating Band assisted pistols

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 13 minutes

15 HR Push-ups

15 Deadlift 225/155 lbs

200m Run

Score: Rounds & Reps

KG: 100/70

Scaling Options


10 Band assisted Push ups

10 Deadlift @ RPE 6/10

200m Jog


15 HR Band assisted Push ups

15 Deadlift @ 60-70%

200m Run



Extra Accessory
Core Stablity (Weight)


Weighted side plank

Switch sides every round

Goal: Core strength