September 19, 2023

CrossFit – Tue, Sep 19


A. General

4 sets

-50’ Skip (25/25)

-15sec Downward dog

Skip drills you can choose from:

– A Skip

– Butt kicks

– High knees

– Forward shuffle

B. Activation

1 set

– 8 alternating Bird Dogs

– 8 pausing ring rows*

– 8 hollow rocks

– 8 Behind the neck prone pvc press

*pause 2sec when chest reaches knuckles

C. Specific Progression

Help intermediate and Beginner athletes find their modification and loading. They should be able to hit at least 10 reps in their working section.


5 min EMOM

– Beginners: practice modification

– Advanced: 3-5 SHSPU

50 Strict HSPU (AMRAP – Rounds)
Get to 50 Strict HSPU in as little sets as possible

TC: 12 minutes

Score: number of sets (the lower the better)

Scaling Options


7-10 x 5 Band Assisted push ups


Get to 30 strict reduced ROM HSPU


Get to 100 strict HSPU in as little sets as possible

*Add a deficit if your Max effort is 25 reps+

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds, each for time

800m Run OR bike 2500m/1750w OR row 500m/400w

12 Devil’s press 2x 50/35 lbs

Rest 1 minute between rounds

TC: 20 minutes

Score: Each round for time

KG 25/15

Scaling options


400m run

12 Devil’s press @ 25/15 lbs plate


800m run

12 Devil’s press @ 2x 35/25 lbs



Extra Accessory
Shoulder Health (Checkmark)

Banded archer row

3 x 10/10 reps

Goal: Post test shoulder health